1 Sweet Mambo 4-2

1976 Partner

2 Cold Beer (a.k.a. Cold Beer Conversation For 2) -Video-

2 Wonder  -Video-

A Friend Of Yours

A Girl Like You (aka 2 On A Roll) -Partner / Video-

A Rockin' Good Way

A Woman Like You -Video-

AB Partner Shuffle

AB Partner Vine Away

Amame Por Dos

Angel Eyes (Line & Partnerdance)

Angel In The Beer Joint For 2

Annie's Dance

B & S Boogie 4 - 2

Baby Don't Go (a.k.a. Number 9)

Back On Track -Video-


Banks Of Ohio -Video-

Barn Dance

Barn Dance (Alias: Dick And Geneva's Western Barn Dance)

Beach Blanket Chacha -Video-

Beer Run (circle dance)

Best Of Friends

Billy Boy (Takac) -Video-

Billy's Dance -Video-

BJ Cha-Cha (Alias: Cowboy Cha-Cha -Partners-, Traveling Cha-Cha)

Blue Rose

Boomerang -Video-

Bringing Me Down  -Video-

Butterfly -Video-

Butterfly Waltz (jg2)

Cabo Crazy (Partner) -Video-

Cabo San Lucas Por Dos (For 2)


Caliente (Hot)

Calm After The Storm -Video-

Cajun Polka

Can You See The Satellites


Catalina Waltz

Catch The Rain -Video-

Cha Cha Cuba Danced By Two

Cha Cha Del Rio -Video-

Charleston Bump

Cheeseburger -Video-

Chi Balla Mixer -Video-

City Lights Swing -Video-

Colorado Cha Cha

Colorado Cha Cha (1-Wall)

Colorado Girls -Video-

Comal County Blue -Video-

Come Do A Little Life  -Video-

Como Se Dice

Continental Cowboy

Corn For Us (Partner) -Video-

Costa Fiesta -Video-

Cotton Eye Joe

Cotton Eye Joe -Mixer- -Video-

Country Bumpkin'

Country In My Heart -Video-

Country Rhumba

Country Waltz (Australien)

Cowboy Cha-Cha (Alias: BJ Cha-Cha, Traveling Cha-Cha)

Cowboy Mambo (Ogilvie)

Cowboy Mambo (Takac) -Video-

Cowboy Mambo (Partner 2) -Video-

Cowboy Mixer

Crazy People -Video-

Crimsen Red For 2 -Video-

Crossroads Of My Life 4-2 -Video-

Darlin' Mambo

Darling Fool -Video-

Dear John

Desperado Wrap

Devil's Dance (a.k.a. Rocky Top) -Video-

Diddley Dee

Dick And Geneva's Western Barn Dance (Alias: Barn Dance)


Do It All Night (whatever you like) -Video-

Doing It To Country Songs (Partner) -Video-

Dream In My Eyes -Video-

Dreams Of Yesterday

Drinkin' Bone Booggie For Two

Drinking With Dolly For 2 -Partner / Video-

East Coast Swing

Easy Circle

Easy Money, Partners

Easy Partner

Edelweiss (Australien)

El Paso

El Paso 2

Enamorada Por Dos

Enchant Cha

Everyone Dances

Fallin' & Flyin' -Video-

Falling For Sunshine  -Video-

Farmer's Waltz -Video-

Festival Shuffle

First Love

Five Minutes

Flip Flop -Video-

Forget It

GB Shuffle -Video-

Georgia Rain (Partner) -Video-

Geronimo (Rebel Strut, Sixteen Step, Wrangler Polka) -Video-

Get Back 2 The Country -Video-

Good Time 4-2

Gotta Dance For Us
(aka. Some Days We Gotta Dance)

Groovy Little Summer

Happy Friends -Video-

He Drinks Tequila

Hoj Hop (Partner) -Video-

Hoochie Koo Two

Horseshoe Shuffle

House On The Beach -Video-

HW Swing

I Stuck On You -Video-

I'm Slowly Losing My Mind

Important To Me -Video-

Indian Summer

It's Over (aka Mexicoma) -Video- (Partner)

It's The Season

Island Time

Italien Line Dance Crowd -Video-

Itty Bitty Pretty Duo



Just For Kicks

Kaw - Liga (Peel)

Kaw Liga (Unbekannt)

KB Shuffle

Key Lime Pie For Two (Partnertanz) -Video-

Killin' Time (a.k.a. King Strut)

King Strut (a.k.a. Killin' Time)

La Chapelloise -Video-

La Ultima No Cha (Partner) -Video-

Lady's And Gentleman

Last Time In Cabo

Lay Down Together  -Video-

Let’s Go Girl

Let's Go Swimming, Darlin'

Liberty -Video-

Like Our Lovin'

Little Deuce Coupe

Little Chihuahua

Long Hot Summer -Video-

Lorrie's Dance

Lover Please Come Back -Video-

Lover's Waltz (Grant)

Mama's Boy (Partner) -Video-

Margo's Friendship Waltz

Maverick's Cha Cha


Mexican Wind (Partner) -Video-

Missing Two -Video-

Moon River Walk -Video-

Montana Rodeo

More Of You

Much Too Young

My Desire For Two -Video-

My Kinda Girl

My Sweet Maria  -Video-

Nashville Two -Video-

Neon Moon Cha Cha

Never Never Cha Cha

New Barn Dance

New Mexico Cha Cha

New Shiner For Two (Partner) -Video-

Next Girl -Video-

No Angel (Partner)

Number 9 (a.k.a. Baby Don't Go)

Old People Cha Cha

One Dance With You

One Like Mine -Video-

One Home, One Place -Video-

One Step Forward And Two Steps Back

(The) Other Side Cha Cha

Our Oklahoma Home -Video-

Paint It Blue

Perfect -Video-

Polyana Shuffle

Pon Pon's Polka

Postphone The Pain -Video-

Pretty Baby -Video-

Pretty Pink Jamieze


Really Really Love A Woman -Video-

Rebel Strut (Sixteen Step, Wrangler Polka, Geronimo) -Video-

Rocky Top (a.k.a. Devil's Dance)

Roller Coaster For 2 -Video-

Route Line Dance

Rufus -Video-

Runaway Train -Video-

Salt In My Tears For Couples

San Antonio Stroll

Santa Fe

Scotia Samba

Sea Shells -Video-

Seminole Scuffle -Video-


Shades Of Blue

Shadow -Video-

Shadow Dancer

Shadows On The Rise 4 2

Shamrock Shake

Shirley's Daddy

Side Kick (Partner)


Silver Nichols

Silver Spur

Simply Hot

Since When

Sixteen Step(Rebel Strut, Wrangler Polka, Geronimo)-Video-


Sleezy Slide

Smiling Together -Video-

So Not My Baby -Video-

Something Fine -Video-

Southern Bells -Video-


Springsteen For Two -Video-

Standing On The Touch Line

Stay (Partner) -Video-

Step In Line

Stickwitu Forever! (Australien) -Video-

Still Romance

Suzanne Suzanne -Video-


Sweetheart Cha Cha

Sweetheart Schottische (Partner) -Video-

Swing Around Me -Video-

Tag On For Two -Video-

Tance Step

Tanzen Ohne Filmriss

Tell Me Ma


Ten Step

Ten Times

Ten Toes For 2

Tender Hearts

Texas Scottish

Texas Two Step

The Day It Rained Forever For Two

The Dirty Dance

The Flying Scots -Video-

The Handy Dance

The One For Me

The Renegade

The Shadow (Partner)

The Wanderer

The Way You Love Me (Partner & Solo)

There's A Reason For Two

Time 2 Swing -Video-

Toes For Two

Tougher Than The Rest

Traveling Cha-Cha (Alias: BJ Cha-Cha, Cowboy Cha-Cha -Partners-, )

Travelling Cha-Cha

Traveling Cha Cha 2

Tulsa Shuffle

Tune My Guitar

20 Step

Two Step -Video-

Uncle Jed

Under The Moon

Vega Stroll

Wagon Wheel Rock For Two -Video-

Walk The Talk -Video-

Walking Step

Waltz Across Texas

Waltzing Matilda

(The) Wanderer

Wanna Get High


We Are Believers  -Video-

Welcome ("Country") Friends -Video-

West Coast Swing

Western Star Cross

What Were We Thinkin'  -Video-

When I Walk Away


Whiskey Wiggle

Why Don't We Just Dance 4-2 -Video-

Wild Wild West

Wink To Town -Video-

Woman Is Too Smart

Wood'n Nickel

Wrangler Polka (Rebel Strut, Sixteen Step, , Geronimo) -Video-

Yonder Comes A Sucker -Video-


You Are The One

You, Tequila & Me -Video-

Your Beautiful Body

You're Incredible

Zippy Kinda Thing